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Admissions & Fees


We welcome all children to our Nursery. There is a full and comprehensive induction wherein all of your child’s needs will be discussed.

New starters have up to three play visits (more if needed) before officially taking up their place. Over the course of the visits we encourage parents to leave the child for short periods of time to allow both child and parent to get used to the separation – we know just how hard this can be for both of you. All children are unique and for some, three visits are enough to get them settled, but some need a little longer to get used to things. If more visits need to be arranged, this process can be extended to suit each individual child. All play visits are free of charge.

A deposit of £50 will be taken which is deductible from fees upon the end of our contract with you. A £10 administration fee is required at the time of signing the contract. A breakdown of fees is available below.


We provide funded places for 2,3 and 4 year olds. To query your entitlement please contact Footprints direct or alternately the children’s hub on:


Fundraising Initiatives


We work with and fundraise for the PFC Trust. PFC Trust and Young Carers

On 16th March Footprints Nursery held a story telling initiative for the children. They were sponsored to watch 25 uploaded videos of different people reading a short story, including authors and writers – Rob Parker, Robert Scragg, Chris MacDonald, Sharon Birch, Victoria Watson,  some nursery staff, Frances Connolly of the PFC Trust, the international cricket umpire Michael Gough, and some Hartlepool United footballers, including the captain, Dave Challinor.

All stories are available via our Footprints Facebook page

We were seeking to support and give sponsorship for The PFC Trust to raise funds for the CARAVAN PROJECT, which aims to purchase a caravan for use by the Young Carers, so that they have a dedicated place for respite breaks and holidays and we raised over £1000.

About the PFC TRUST

The PFC Trust was founded by Patrick and Frances Connolly following a win on the Lottery.  It is now the work of a group of like-minded and dedicated people whose sole purpose is to help their community.  A main aim of the Trust is to support the sustainability of projects which are already meeting the needs of the community.  It is this that makes The PFC Trust special; we are genuinely interested in the long-term future of the projects and wish to build relationships with them over time, not just simply hand out funds.

Our Staff


All of our staff have been carefully selected through a rigorous vetting procedure, and all staff are subject to full enhanced DBS checks. Each member of staff is fully qualified and experienced and works to our required high standard. Currently, at least 95% of all staff hold at least a Level 3 Childcare qualification.

Teamwork is essential to the running of the Nursery, and all staff members support and uphold our reputation and values. We hold team-building activities as well as staff and management meetings after working hours on a regular basis.
We place high value on education and training, and so all staff receive new and refresher training in all aspects of childcare, e.g. First Aid, child protection, food hygiene, etc. We endorse and encourage staff at all times to continue with their professional and personal studies.

We also offer students the opportunity to come and learn at our Nursery. We have a rolling programme for students and apprentices starting from Year 11 including those who may be considering a career in childcare, right through to those nearing the completion of their college studies. While students work here, they are fully police checked and always supervised. Many of our successful students have come back to work for us once their initial courses are complete. When they have been suitably assessed in line with our training programme and are considered to be knowledgeable and ready for the responsibility of the role, they may be used as bank staff. Until that time, they are always surplus to our staff and ratios.

We highly value our staff and all of their hard work. Our friendly and professional team is committed to continuous professional development in order to ensure that your child receives the highest standard of care. We provide a stable and relaxed atmosphere, and with an exceptionally low staff turnover we can ensure continuity of care, allowing children to feel secure.


At Footprints Learning for Life Nursery, security of the utmost importance in order to ensure the safety of children, parents, and staff. We have our own entrance with a comprehensive security system involving innovative fingerprint access and CCTV cameras inside and out. The entrance door is monitored and controlled by a built-in camera and telephone entry system which is closely monitored by Nursery staff within the building.
We have an integrated alarm system and we are linked into the fire alarms within the People Centre, which are further linked to the Fire Brigade. We have CCTV cameras in all rooms, the corridor, outside in the play area and at the entry door. All images and audio are recorded and stored on the system’s secure hard drive for up to a month before being deleted, unless saved for a specific purpose.

Child Protection

As a registered childcare facility, it is our duty to advise the necessary authorities should we suspect that any child is in need of protection. All staff members are trained in child protection and our policy is available on request.


All accidents are recorded in our accident book and parents will be notified of treatment given and the circumstances surrounding the injury. You will be asked to sign the appropriate forms acknowledging treatment. In the event of a serious accident or illness requiring immediate medical attention, the Nursery will be responsible for administering treatment immediately. Parents will be notified promptly.


We are aware that at times children will need to be given medication during Nursery hours. You will be required to give permission by signing the appropriate forms. Only medication prescribed to your child will be administered. If your child becomes ill during the day at Footprints, we will notify you, and if necessary ask you to collect them as soon as possible. If your child contracts any contagious illness please notify us immediately. 48 hours clear of sickness and diarrhoea is required before returning to the Nursery. We have comprehensive policies in relation to this in line with advice from Tees Health Authority. These policies may be consulted at the Nursery where they are stored in the Policies folder in the corridor outside the office.

Additional Needs

We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all children. We have many children at Footprints who have individual and additional needs. We welcome all children to our Nursery irrespective of health, physical, learning, or any other needs. We have staff who are SENCO trained and we are please to liaise with you on any aspect in relation to this. All policies and procedures are readily available to view in the Policies folder.


In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the service that Footprints provides, a copy of the complaints procedure is available in the Policies folder and every endeavour will be made to rectify the situation. All complaints are logged in a complaints book and available to view with steps taken to ensure confidentiality.

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