Inclusive Practice

Footprints Learning for Life is an Ofsted Good inclusive day care setting, based in Hartlepool, one of the of most deprived areas of the UK. Footprints is a single enterprise that believes in the individual, that one size does not fit all. Since incorporation in January 2006 the whole team have been behind the ethos that everyone can and should achieve their full potential and this for our children, our staff or our supporting partners.

From humble beginnings in a tiny corner of the north east, rich with ambition but poor in assets, everyone has worked hard to provide opportunity in the smallest and most effective ways – believing in the individual.

Footprints aren’t shiny and sparkly, aren’t fancy and rich, Footprints is people caring for people and investing in the children of the future, whoever they are and whatever they believe. Respect, treating people decently, giving opportunity when others don’t or won’t or can’t, supporting and encouraging and providing passion when children might not have that influence, or enhancing if they do.

Happy children, happy parents, happy staff – is the key to a good environment where children learn through play and respect for each other, whatever their ability and capability.

We believe and practice the ethos – One Size Does Not Fit All.

We encourage our children and help them to successfully develop their unique skill set, enhancing and exciting their learning with effective cultural capital to enable them through will, skill and thrill.

We provide our children with adventure and opportunity and embrace and believe that everyone can flourish in their own way.

We ensure all our children have everything that we can give them, in accordance with our strap line – Footprints Learning for Life – because little feet need firm foundations.


“We have worked in partnership with Footprints day nursery for over 7 years. Sharon Birch and her team have always been supportive to assist our students to realise their full potential and to open their eyes to the opportunities that are available to them.  Our student’s Motto at Catcote Academy and Catcote Futures is “Focus on what we CAN do! Not what we can’t!”  This motto, I believe is shared by all the staff at Footprints too.”

Jackie McGarry, Careers Leader, Catcote Academy


“The nursery haven’t just supported our son but have supported the whole family especially through hard times when we haven’t known who to go to. 

They have listened to everything we have ever said regarding our son and gone above and beyond for him and all of his family. We are so grateful for the footprints team and for everything they have done for all of us but especially what they have done for our son.”

Testimonial from a parent

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