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Admissions & Fees

Admissions Process

We usually arrange a series of 3 visits to help your child settle in to nursery. The first visit involves lots of form filling and information sharing to allow us to get to know your child and their needs. Over the course of the visits we encourage parents to leave the child for short periods of time to allow both child and parent to get used to the separation – we know jus thow hard this can be for both of you. All children are unique and for some 3 visits are enough to get them settled but some need a little longer to get used to things so if we need to arrange more visits this settling in process can be extended to suit each individual child.

All play visits are free of charge.

Session Prices
AM £21.00
PM £20.00
Full day £35.00
Full week £165.00
Full day with home pick up or drop off £40.00
Full day with home pick up AND drop off £43.00
AM with drop off at school £25.00
PM with pick up from school £32.00
Pick up from school + AM until 1pm £12.00
Full Wrap Around £38.00
Breakfast Club £5.00
After School Care £9.00
Breakfast Club & After School £13.00
Holiday Club (includes lunch and outings) £27.00

We offer our transport service to and from home – school – nursery or wherever you need us to pick up/drop off your child. This is designed specifically for individual requirements. Details and prices are available upon request in the office.

We always aim to keep fee increases to a minimum and we have not reviewed our fees since May 2013. The next review is scheduled to take place September 2014.

We accept a variety of childcare vouchers, Computershare, Sodexo, Chambers and others.

We offer the 15 hours Free nursery Local Authority entitlement to children from 2yrs.

Up to 80% of fees may be reimbursed through tax credits.